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tinidazole (tindamax) over the counterThis large, charming, fully restored deluxe row cottage in our vintage bungalow court features hardwood floors and high ceilings. This is a prized end cottage. This building was built in 1935, and was originally Naval Officer housing. We’ve finished the floors to a beautiful glow and restored the large all-original dine-in kitchen with its deep enamel sink and tile countertops. The vintage-look bathroom was built in the graceful old style. The hardwood floors continue down the hall into the sunny bedrooms.

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buy tinidazole australiaThis canyon house is amazing. Beautiful floors, gorgeous dark wood designer kitchen with granite/stainless/induction stove, full dining room, huge balcony, decorative fireplace. The garage has been converted into a wood-floor bonus room, perfect for entertaining. The terraced backyard also has a patio / BBQ area. Upstairs, the two bedrooms have gorgeous closets, and the luxe master bedroom has a lovely little reading nook.